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Today you will know how much time a hair transplant takes or time taken in hair transplant.
As we all know there are two methods of hair transplant:
1. FUT Hair Transplant
2. FUE Hair Transplant

Want to know-
– FUT or FUE which is better?
– How hair transplant is done?

FUT is an old method by which strips are removed and cut into grafts and transplanted to the recipient area, an old method that is not usually done nowadays. The latest technique which is FUE, which is the latest technology FUE, is the Bow Labor Intensive method in which one graft is removed from the donor area and plant in the recipient area. It takes some time to extract a single graft and separate the follicles from their Ephesian extract and to extract the single graft and the time taken to apply a single-single graft takes more time inside the FUE technique.

Hair Transplant Time:
So hair transplant’s time depends on the number of hair grafts.

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