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Leucoderma Treatment

Utilize Natural Remedies For Relief In leucoderma  With Ayurveda 

In India, leucoderma is known as Safed Daag. As the name characterizes, Safed Daag is a skin infection that results in the deficiency of pigmentation/melanin from various pieces of the body. The staining happens in patches and can influence any body part like eyes, hair, gums and so forth 

In Ayurvedic terms, leucoderma is caused because of the abundance of Pitta Dosha in our body. The specific justification this sickness can’t be clarified; it very well may be inherited or can be because of other infection like Thyroid, Anemia and so forth 

According to Ayurveda, this illness can happen because of the admission of wrong food mixes, stress or inappropriate nourishment and subsequently legitimate consideration is needed as far as dietary patterns and change in regular way of life. 

Attempt these Ayurvedic equations to treat leucoderma :


The inappropriate working of liver outcomes in skin problems like leucoderma . Bakuchi is an incredible spice that shows its impact on the liver, on our stomach related framework and helps eliminate the debasements (poisons) from our body. It brings about diminishing the white patches of the body and is exceptionally valuable in the treatment of Leucoderma (Vitiligo). For the treatment, you can make a glue from Bakuchi powder and coconut oil and afterward apply it on the white patches. 

Manjishta Powder

Manjistha is known for solid therapeutic properties and can fix illnesses like Eczema, Vitiligo, Psoriasis and some more. It has the recuperating power that can fix any damaged tissue of our body. It eliminates the poisons from our body and equilibriums the abundance of Pitta dosha, in this way mending the sickness inside. 


Splash 500 gram of turmeric powder in 7 liters of water for 7-8 hours. Then, at that point, bubble it till it turns out to be half of the arrangement. Then, at that point add 500ml mustard oil and utilize this cure on the patches multiple times in a day. Do this for 2-3 months. 

Leucoderma Treatment

Attempt these homegrown alternatives to treat vitiligo. For appropriate fix, counsel Jiva Doctor quickly and get confided in treatment for your skin issue. 

Leucoderma  is a skin problem wherein the skin loses shading in blotches. It’s anything but an immune system condition/The body’s protection framework assaults the cells as opposed to assaulting germs. It influences 1% of the complete total populace. 

Despite the fact that Leucoderma  is definitely not a lethal sickness, it can have profound mental effects. The patient goes through outrageous tension, mental pressure. They experience the ill effects of shame and feeling of inadequacy due to their appearance. 

In present day medication, there’s no realized method to forestall or fix the condition. Be that as it may, it offers approaches to improve the presence of the influenced skin 100%. Yet, the makeup and corticosteroid creams utilized in treating the condition are ladened with synthetic compounds, which can cause possible results. 

Specialists can likewise attempt re-pigmenting UV light treatment or easing up the skin in unaffected regions, or a skin join. These treatment choices are profoundly costly and are not completely ok for the patient. 

That is the reason individuals are currently going to Ayurveda to choose protected, regular and lasting cures. Numerous Ayurvedic drugs are notable for the recovery of melanocytes. These regular definitions have shown promising outcomes in controlling the movement and eliminating the spots when utilized for exhorted length. The outcomes change from one patient to another, subsequently specialist guidance is an absolute necessity.


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