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We make a lot of efforts to make our hair shine and look good by using various cosmetics and advanced techniques which unknowingly damages our hair. Straightening, curling, and various chemical based shampoos, creams usage cause hair damage. By use of such things hair gets split and break. In this way when the outer coat of hair(cuticle part) which is damaged, if not repaired on time leads to the weak and split end in hair and soon they fall off. Especially in females, they experience massive hair fall.

In such situation herbal hair spa is recommended by the physician along with medicines to treat the damage occurred to hair. Herbal hair spa is totally safe and highly essential for healthy hair and damaged hair.
Herbal hair spa cleans up the entire scalp, opens uproot of hair follicles and repairs the damaged part of the hair and provides them strength.


Herbal hair spa cream is made from a blend of natural well-known herbs. The components used in this formulation and their medicinal uses are as described below:-

Ashwagandha Jatamansi Brahmi– This gives natural tone quality to hair.
Mulethi, Bhringraj, Amla — To give nourishment to hair follicle, make them long dense and strong.
Anantmool, Palash, Giloy, Neem — To purify blood and remove harmful toxins from root hair follicle.
Gudhal, Rosemerry– To increase the luster of hair and make them silky and shiny.

Procedure of herbal hair spa

  1. First of all, for herbal hair spa, hair are being washed with ayurvedic vardhini shampoo.
  2. Then ayurvedic spa cream is being used to massage scalp for 20-25 minutes.
  3. After that steamer is used to give steam to hair for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Then hair are rinsed properly and allowed to dry.
  5. In this technique, rough dry frizzy unmanageable hair gets new strength, smoothness, and shine.

Benefits of hair spa

    • 100% ayurvedic and 100% safe.
    • Beneficial for damaged as well as healthy hair.
    • Excellent treatment for dry weak damaged hair
    • Prevents hair fall that occurs because of climate changes
    • Removes dirt and grime from hair and makes them smoother and shinier.
    • Maintains hair natural tone and beauty and quality.
    • To decrease chances of fall of weak thin hair.
    • Cleans up the scalp and helps to clear up dandruff.
    • Opens root of hair follicle.
    • Give density volume to hair and provide them good strength.
    • Helpful in curing scalp disorders like seb. dermatitis etc.