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HRP Therapy

Herbal Hair Spa

Various examinations have demonstrated that the hair repair and protective treatment ( HRP Therapy ) measure is considerably more powerful than other online services that contain medications and various chemicals. HRP treatment helps in fortifying your hair follicles, and accordingly brings about characteristic hair development. With exceptionally qualified specialists by VHCA gives the most secure treatment therapy and is the solitary spot you can trust.

A viable hair repair and protective therapy can continue subsequent to distinguishing the reason for balding (AGA, AA, DHL). Balding is a condition influencing the two people. In VHCA we give a-list treatment done by particular specialists in this way brings prompt hair development. Appropriate services like cleaning, rub, hair wash, ozone, and high recurrence assist the scalp with rebuilding its injury and start the restoration cycle following the first sitting is finished. To enhance the outcomes, the individual should adhere to the specialist’s recommendation. 

Note: The whole therapy is finished under 1 ½ hour beginning to end, with an aggregate of 6 sittings (min). 

You can book an arrangement at the VHCA facility where our experts are prepared to direct you.

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