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Due to the advanced lifestyle, unhygienic food and genetic problems, hair loss or hair fall have become a common problem for all. Most of the Metro cities are very populated as well as polluted. If you living in Delhi or NCR, then hair loss/hair fall is a common problem for both men and women. So to solve this problem and get your hair back, you must go for the best PRP therapy in Delhi, Karnal, Haryana or anywhere in India.

Top PRP Therapy

Before going for PRP therapy, you must know about it. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. In this therapy, the patient’s blood is drawn and the plasma and concentrated platelets are separated from the blood. Then these plasmas are injected into the patient’s scalp. Our blood plasma contains some hair growth factors. And these blood plasmas are responsible for the growth of hair. The person who is suffering from hair loss must go for PRP Therapy.

Procedure of PRP Therapy

The procedure of PRP Therapy is very simple. It includes basically three steps:
– In the first step, the patient’s blood is taken out/drawn from his/her body.
– Platelet-rich plasma is separated from the blood.
– With the help of a thin needle, these PRP are injected into the scalp.