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The rejuvenation of hair which has been widely practiced by years has got a new process that realizes this concept very effectively. It is a new trend and helps hair to retrieve its youth again. The process is very effective to get soft, strong, and shiny hair. It also helps the hair to get respite from the problem of dandruff, damaged hair, and hair fall. These days it is popular among people and makes hair well intact with its roots.

Importance of Hair Spa:

The people who want to maintain their hair at earliest with a long process of medicines and messages can get the gleaming hair in some time. All can take benefits of Spa irrespective of age bar. from a child to a well-aged person can get benefits from a spa. Generally, hair spa starts for the age of 14-15 and has to upper age limit as long as one has hair.

Basically hair spa is a sort of hair therapy that includes the application of Spa cream on hair. The cream is applied gently and slowly with figures up to such extent as it covers all hair completely. Having applied the spa cream, the hair is left soaked for a short period. Hair is washed with normal water that gives a sufficient amount of moisturizer. Once you move your figures in hair you notice a remarkable difference. The problems of double ends, bookend hair strands, and enfeebled roots start dwindling soon and you find straight, shining, and smooth hair.

Our pours of the scalp are very small that is very hard to explore with naked eyes and these pours often have small particles of dirt and unwanted natural things. Owing to these elements the growth of hair restricts and often leads to gradual shedding. If these problems are not checked in time, a person may have to face the baldness and some damaged patches on the scalp.

Benefits of Hair Spas:

Hair spa nourishes hair roots and rejuvenates the hair that is on the threshold of shedding.
The oil secretion in the hair gets regular and normal.
1. It increases the metabolism and stimulates blood veins.
2. Opens the blocked pores.
3. It helps damaged hair to get strength.
4. Re-hydrates the hair scalp.
5. Restores vital oils and moisture in the hair.

VHCA hair clinic is one of the prestigious and rapidly growing hair clinics that are experts in herbal hair spa. At VHCA we cater to the need of patients and spa customers with specially trained professionals. These professionals are experts in understanding the nature of the scalp and after a thorough inspection of hair, the adequate spa treatment is recommended and done.

Author: Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal

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