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How Effective is Onion Juice in Patchy Hair Loss
Here in this video Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal talks on effectiveness of onion juice in alopecia areata. In the last video of this series he told that onion juice has two elements salfur and querctin in it. Sulphur has anti fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result it helps to remove fungus, it stops the growth of bacteria and also minimizes the swelling. On the other hand quercetin has growth factors in it, which helps in regrowth of hair.
If a person has lost his hair because of alopecia areata then applying onion juice can give him some relief. But it can work only in the case of non-scarring alopecia areata. A research in 2002 also proved that applying onion juice on the place of alopecia areata rather than normal water helped people a lot.

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