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Transplantation of hair is one of the most quickly changing techniques in surgery treatment, associated with a regular enhancement in techniques. The latest developments in technology and the idea of using follicular unit grafts have made the process achieve a new size. The ability to provide very natural-looking results has motivated a bigger number of hair loss men and women to opt for this medical solution.
Hair Transplantation Procedure: Hair surgery treatment is based on the ‘theory of contributor popularity in androgenic hair loss.’ If a graft is taken from a place that will be completely hair-bearing and replanted to a place struggling from men styles hair loss, it will, after an initial period of effluvium, grow hair in its new site as long as it would have at its original site.


Although age is no bar for hair transplant, the medical of a transplant need to be carefully evaluated in the younger sufferers. Patients between 20 and 30 years of age should have a stable rate of hair reduction before they are considered for hair transplants. A detailed genealogy is useful in assessing hair reduction and preparing a new hairline. The color, top quality, and density of the contributor’s hair, as well as the comparison between the hair and your epidermis layer colors, are key elements that affect the outcome.

The lesser the comparison between the contributor hair and your epidermis layer, the better is the outcome. It is also noted that frizzy, curly, or wavy hairs are advantageous characteristics in replanted hair. Single hair graft is used to create a natural hairline. The preparing of the hairline is one of the most essential steps in hair transplants.


The problems of hair transplants are few and unusual. True attacks in the receiver places happen rarely. In the contributor places, the disease may be seen around the stitches but it usually eliminates easily after suture elimination. Skin abnormal growths may be seen sometimes and need water flow and drainage. It is important not to reap too big a contributor area because stress on the suture line can bring about dehiscence and an extensive scratch.


Recent developments in technology are making hair alternative treatment an option for many people but we must utilize this technique wisely. It is extremely essential to form an organization because one individual cannot perform the entire Hair Transplantation Procedure single-handedly. Fine adjusting and precision in all steps of the surgical treatment are essential to get great results.

No bargain should become with proper lighting in the working space and with the quality of the equipment. A comfortable atmosphere in the working space and the use of audio-visual enjoyment break the boredom, both for the affected person and the medical group. It is remembered that the individual is worse off after a badly conducted hair alternative surgical treatment. If done carefully, hair transplant is a very fulfilling process, both for the surgeon and the patient.

Author: Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal

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