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hair transplant in Punjab


Hair Transplant in Punjab(Patiala) – India

VHCA offers the Best Hair Transplant in Punjab or Body Hair Transplantation at affordable rates. We provide the best hair transplant in Delhi, Patiala, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana – India.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant in the simple categorical transfer of your own hair from flip facet donor province to hairlessness section suggests that settle for or space with trifling operation perform by operating surgeon that’s recognized as hair transplantation. However, that’s the course of action to relocate Donor website follicles or roots or grafts to simply accept region with skilled hair loss doctor and the team of hair transplant technicians.

In the middle 1950s Hair transplant perform 1st time in America by a medical specialist by punch bunch graft technique that tends technique of FUHT. Nowadays FUE or Robotic hair transplant is the latest technique during which .77 millimeter needle used that is around close to near to diameter of natural existing follicles.

Hair Transplantation Procedures:

FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) or Direct hair transplant that performs for surgery session between 1500 to 2500 follicles in the single day sitting principally performed by the operating surgeon, not technician show ever leave no mark or blemish however expensive among all transplant surgeries.

FUHT (Follicular Unit Strip hair transplant) or Strip harvest during which a donor website skin is placed it out with the help of slicer. Therefore, keep a little line wherever soluble stitches perform however best surgery to accomplish hefty session quite 4000 follicles in the solitary sitting. That may be executed principally by the technicians, not by the doctor and accessible for coming through the highest density among hair implant surgeries. In the hair transplant, that’s the latest procedure accessible for those patients UN agency have lack donor hair follicles in order that is executed by FUE during which body hairs from beard, chest, thigh hair follicles square measure exerted and insert the bald region to attain a lot of density not for the frontal hairline.

Robotics Hair Transplant

In this surgery microscopic camera hand of golem accustomed ascertains best follicles from donor then technicians place it out and the doctor inserts these grafts on hair loss region. The advantage of this procedure, it scales back time to perform surgery on the labor of technicians that’s why low price than FUE implantation however high worth than FUHT. Eyelash or Eyebrow hair transplant, that’s minute surgery thanks to tiny space of implantation perform solely by FUE not FUHT in this talent of operating surgeon most as a result of that’s refined a part of the body what is more lookout regarding the direction of hairs to match up accurately. That’s the most expensive hair transplant procedure however overall most cost-effective hair transplantation surgery thanks to a lesser range of follicles or graft constituted on this system.

VHCA provides the best hair transplant in Punjab – India along with all hair treatments like hair fixing, hair bonding, hair patch/wigs, etc.

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