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There is a number of people from Kurukshetra who are looking for hair transplant, hair loss treatment, baldness, hair replacement from hair experts or hair surgeon. We, as hair experts can help you find a good surgeon in Kurukshetra.VHCA is a hair clinic that has been in the hair care segment since 2000 with a vision to provide holistic hair care treatment. If you are looking for an expert surgeon in Men, Women, Eyebrow, Beard, Mustache Hair Transplant in Kurukshetra you can get an opportunity to find the right surgeon by visiting our clinic and by free telephonic advice on hair transplantation.

Hair clinic in Kurukshetra:

Hair transplant is the most appropriate choice to get permanent hair and with the most advanced equipment and techniques, it has become very safe for the patient who doesn’t feel to chose any temporary and cosmetic solution. VHCA is a reliable brand name which is working in health care Since long .VHCA Hair Clinic was founded by Vaidya Hukam Chand in 1928. VHCA Hair Clinic was formed with an objective to provide natural solutions to make people more beautiful by re-growing their hair and reinstating their confidence. We have helped many patients from Kurukshetra to get hair transplant treatment. Many of the satisfied patients from the city were very selective to have a hair transplant and eventually they give their confidence in the clinic’s history and goodwill.

Low cost:
The cost of FUT generally ranges between 20 to30 rupees per hair graft. For the FUE procedure, it is charged between 30 to 80 rupees per graft. The cost of hair transplant also depends on the quality of work & the previous results given by the surgeon. Some surgeons charge much due to their past experiences and the number of successful surgeries they have done. In VHCA we offer the best price that we can offer once diagnosing the actual condition of the hair scalp.
The hair transplant procedure in which is the surgery is done by a professional surgeon. The cost of hair transplant is the major factor that affects the decision of the treatment. The cost of the hair transplant is an important thing but taking a decision for transplant merely on the basis of the cost can prove wrong if the practitioner is not much experienced to implant hair properly. There may be some chances of several marks may remain if the practitioner and the facilities are not well equipped.

Getting hair transplant in Kurukshetra is easy and also economical as compared to many other hair transplant clinics in Metro cities. The facilities provided by the VHCA hair clinic are the best in the city and the surgeons of the clinic are well qualified and have done as many as 500 successful surgeries. As compared to the facilities and the experience of the surgeons the cost of the hair transplant is very economical and affordable.

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