Here in this video Dr. Mukesh aggarwal talks on hair fall caused by seborrheic dermatitis.Every year lakhs of people get affected by this disease It can take anyone whether it be man ,woman or even child in its clutches.
He tells that in this disease scalp becomes itchy and red and white patches of dandruff starts becoming visible It not only affects scalp but also affects face, chest, eyebrows and back.
Seborrhea glands produces sebum. In case of excess production of sebum,microbs present in scalp convert it into oilic acid, that makes scalp itchy. Dimnishia and stress increases its severity. It becomes the cause of hair fall
As the disease is complicated so is its treatment. With microscopic test one can confirm this disease. Local application of shampoo, creams and medicine can give temporary relief, bcoz the chances of its recurrence is very high.
Dr. Aggarwal tells that adopting a good life style, sound sleep of 7-8hours,balanced diet, exercises, good water intake and meditation help a lot to get rid of this disease.