Here in this video Dr. Mukesh aggarwal talks about unwanted hair in woman. Generally all women have facial hair but these hair are villus hair which are very thin and light in colour. Sometime because of hirustism these villus hair converts into terminal hair,as a result these hair become thick and turn into dark colour. According to Indian general of dermatology 5-10 % women are suffering from hirustism. These hair can be on face, chest, arm and in back.
The main reason of hirustism is imbalance in hormones. Excess of estrogen hormones leads to hirustism. Women who are suffering from PCOD also complain of unwanted hair.Any type of disorder in adrenal gland whether adrenal cancer, adrenal tumor, crushing disorder, congenital adrenal hyperplasia can also become a cause of unwanted hair. Unwanted hair is also a side effect of medicines like monoxide , cyclosporial, steroids.
With the help of blood test one can confirm imbalance in hormones. MRI and ultrasound are confirmatory test for disorder in adrenal glands.
Now what is the solution of unwanted hair? local applications of creams, waxing can give temporary relief. laser technique is the best treatment for unwanted hair.