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Here in this video Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal talks about the treatment of various types of hair losses. At first he tells that pattern hair loss which is also known as alopecia and Rogenetica is caused due to conversion of testosterone into DHT. This loss can be controlled by medicines. But Hair transplant (surgical)and hair patch/wig(non-surgical)can give a permanent solution. PRP, stem cell therapy, laser stimulation can also help.
In diffuse hair loss, hair goes into the telogen phase. Medicines play a good role, to bring back hair into an anagen (growing) phase. Along with the medicines if a person follows a good routine, takes a balanced diet, does exercises, and drinks 7-8 glasses of water daily can enhance its results.
Patchy hair loss(alopecia areata) is another type of hair loss. It is an autoimmune diseases. Ayurveda medicines can help but recurrence of this disease is very high. So one should also follow the same routine mention above including meditation to get good results.