Here in this video, Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal talks about the effects of different kinds of water on hair. At first, he tells tap water is that water which is neither soft nor hard, and quantity of minerals is also ideal. So it is always good for the hair. On the other hand, hard water contains an excess of minerals in it. Calcium, magnesium, zinc, Silica make hair dry, brittle, and frizzy.
The third is chlorine water. No doubt there is chlorine in tap water(which is supplied to our houses) also but its quantity is so little that it does not harm our hair. On the other hand excess quantity of chlorine in swimming, the pool water does harm to hair.
Seawater, as the presence of salt, is also not good for hair.
Groundwater whose TDS is very high should also be avoided.

Effects of a Different Kind of Water on Hair

Dr. Aggarwal suggests that one should always use normal water to wash one’s hair. Use RO water in case of hard water. Use swimming caps while swimming in a pool or in the sea. If we do these little things, then we can avoid many hair problems caused by water.