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Hello friends, today we will talk about the special hair transplant of hair. Every woman wants to get long and thick hair, but sometimes many hair goes down before time if hair roots are left, it is possible to bring hair from medicines, but if the roots of Lana are over, ie If your skin has become smooth or whatever hair is left, then only hair is hair, then the hair transplant is the only way to get natural hair. In the hair transplant, the donor area is the head of the head Remove from the part of the receptive area ie where there is no hair, it is applied to the place where transplant is a simple method. It has no side effects of any kind. It is the question of common people that even those who are transplanted hair grow. For your information, we would like to tell that the newly planted hair grow like a common hair and learn to cut. It is worth noting that your hair is only for you Area can be used for transplant is another person may not be used for hair hair transplant can get at any age if you have our this video was well please share subscribed and comments must thank |