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Hello friends, I would like to share my thoughts about hair transplants with you today, hopefully the information given by me will look good to you. Today, through this video, we will know what is the name as it is clear from the name hair transplant transplant hair transplant, remove the hair from the ankle and use it in the second place, exiting the hair from one place to another. Hair is derived from the posterior part of the donor area i.e. the ossipital part, the hair of the area is considered to be the best, because the hydrostrol hormone here does not have the effect of hormone for long periods of time and not thin So, therefore, the hair is removed from the operation and where there is baldness, the hair is implanted in it as you all know the child The mirror of beauty wants to look exquisite and the hair plays the necessary role in our beauty when the hair falls and becomes thin and we can not bring it back through medicines. Any person can get hair transplant at any age. Every person can take advantage of hair transplant. Today, hair transplant is a very simple method, there is no side effect of any type, whether people are often asked whether Hair is planted, it is also growing. I would like to tell you that the hair grows in the same way as the paddy is erased from one place to another and whether it is applied to another person. It can not be that the person who transplants only his hair is used. Friends, if you have any questions regarding this, definitely I would like to answer your questions written in the comment box; In the next video, we will learn how to transplant and what precautions are taken for it.