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In the previous video, we learned what PRP is and its importance in hair growth. In today’s video, we will know how PRP is done and what is taken care of with it. Firstly, take about 20 ml blood of the patient. Is taken and put in a centrifuging machine and centrifuged by this action, the parts of the blood are separated like platelets, etc. in 20ml blood. Approximately 6ml of platelets with plasma are formed. This is called PRP. There are growth factors inside the PRP which are very helpful in hair growth. They work in two ways, first these stemcells which are grouped inside the hair follicles. They make the hair thicker and secondly it helps in developing new follicles, thus the hair is likely to grow both thicker and stronger. After the blood has been centrifuged, the patient is brought to the operation room and his scalp is thoroughly cleaned using siprit or betadine followed by the place where the patient is to be injected. Local anesthesia is given. After giving local anesthesia, the prepared planet is injected into the head by needle, injected into the entire head at a distance of 1-1 cm. This process is completed in this way. After PRP, you do not have to wash your head for at least 1 day and avoid alcohol and smoking for about 15 days. I would like to mention another special thing if PRP starts in the initial state of hair loss and the hair of the patient. Can come back, so in today’s video, we have learned how PRP is done and how it can be benefited soon.