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Hello friends, I welcome you to your YouTube channel, Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal. In the first video of the Hair Transplant, we have known what is a hair transplant and in today’s video we will know what things should be taken before the hair transplant. First of all, I would like to tell The force is planted during the hair transplant, they fall off some time after the hair is left over only the upper The part goes out because after the child transplant, the telegenes go into space, it means the resting place means that the upper part of the hair is left behind and after 3 months the hair starts to grow again through the root again. Hair grows at a rate of about 1 centimeter. In about 8 or 9 months you can find your favorite look, so friends who are thinking of transplanting before young marriage If you have to do some blood tests before the transplant, then the doctor will tell you. Your doctor will transplant you after all the tests are normal, if any young person has any type of allergy or skin If you are allergic to allergies, then you should test yourself first and transplant only when everything is normal, if you are good after transplant If you want to target your donor area should be very good, if the donor area etc chest face as can be for children from other areas of the body is less | I will tell you in detail about the Donor area. If you have any questions about this video in the next video, then you can ask me in the comment box. If you like this video then share the subscribe comment .