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Hello friends, I welcome you to your YouTube channel, Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal. In the first video of the Hair Transplant, we have known what is Hair Transplant and what things should be taken care of before Hair Transplant. Today we will know the importance of the Donor Area. First of all, know what is the donor area from where the hair is taken for hair is taken from all the parts.

The hair part is considered to be the best part of the head in the hair transplant, except for the face, with the shoulder, from the chest, etc. Now the question arises why is the last part of the head considered to be the best area. I would like to tell you that the Hydro test stays on the back of the head. If there is no effect of the hormone and the absence of this hormone, the hair does not become thin and lasts for a long time. If for some reason we cannot remove the required hair from the back of the head, then we can see the form of the graft from the other parts of the body.

First, we take the hair of beards but only 1 or 2 hair gets out of the beard’s it graft but 1 to 4 grafts come out from 1 graft of head, if we get 1000 thousand We have to take 500 beards of the beard as the hair graft but our work can be done with 250 grafts of head. Even after our necessary hair cannot be found, other parts of the body are also used for hair.

If the hair of the hair chest of hands is used in the transplant, but it ceases to grow after a time, it is fine for fixing. Many times the question of the patient is from the donor area.

After the exit, does the hair come again? Friends, the hair which is taken out once it does not come back because it is out of the hair root that goes out of the root, it does not come back again but you are not worried because if you transplant with a good transplant or good team then they get hair from the donor area with very cleanliness, do not even know that there is no emptiness in your hair Lets look comes very well, Hello friends for as long as a new topic today, we learned the importance of donor area is what happens and it happens, the next video we will attend again