Hello friends, I welcome you on your YouTube channel, Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal. In the first video of the Hair Transplant, we have known what happens to the hair transplant today. Today we will know how hair transplants are done. How is the hair transplant done? First of all, the patient is taken to the prefecture room, after which the head of the head is applied to the mark, the hair line is prepared according to the age of the patent, then the head of the patient The hair is completely cut, after which the patient is brought to the operation room after wearing the dress, after which it will be given local anesthesia. After this, the work is done to get rid of the hair from the donor area. These graphed grafts are absorbed by the technique and then those grafts are cleaned by 1-1. Now put the cleaned grafts in that empty place. Go where the hair is to be applied
The hair line that is made and the respant area is marked, it is very carefully used by the tools, and this action is done very carefully. These procedures are simple but long-lasting procedures. 4 to 5 thousand grafts Applying takes 7 or 8 hours when the entire grafts are placed in the vacant place, then on the whole head the band is stripped for one day and the patient is in his house Can receive guys today we get hair transplant How is is how open we will strip the patient in the next video and his head is washed to the first, and see thanks to the next video