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Today we will talk about the hair problems in children and their solutions, the doctor is very welcome to you, both men and women who suffer from hair problems and children are not untouched by this hair problems. What is the reason for having a problem? Children’s age is the two main reasons for having a hair problem. The first thing is that because the child is very young, he or she is completely self-sufficient. She is not aware of the problems of hair, she has been in even the least problem and her care is not taken care of by the parents or other family members, then the problem of the child goes on increasing and another reason is that the military of the child is weak Due to weakness, infections occur inside the hair quickly, the problem of hair increases rapidly in children. Give reasons. There are more problems. Children may have all the problems of the hair until the cradle can sleep. You may have a fungal infection, premature graying occurs. Children’s hair starts to turn white within a young age. The problem is within the pediculus children, who speak the words in common language, then they understand that this is what you see in the children. Raasite is spread to each other. Young children who are in school and have their party or any of their classmates in their head are more inside the children, then the first thing to do is to protect them if there is another child If that child sits with him, he gets him seated separately in isolation, treatment is available for him. Any doctor of your skin is your technologist who can take you away. You can easily tell the ways of this and with very little effort, head gambling can be removed in children. It is written how to control the problem of dandruff in children, there is very little method of scale of young children. It has a greater effect on them and I think that if the child does not wash his head in a hurry, he thinks that the child will get cold. The Shibori Dermatitis Hotel valve inside her head gets stuck due to this and due to the gathering of oil, what appears to be a formidable form, we should take care of cleaning the Pappu and not taking the ticket for the time.