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There are a volley of hair oils in the market and every hair oil claims to be the most nutritious and healthy hair oil in use. But there are not many who pass the acid test. Some claim to give you healthy hair, some claim to give you black hair, and some claim to give you thick hair. After use for many months we find that nothing has changed but an intention to change the oil.

VHCA Hair Clinic World’s First Ayurveda Hair Clinic has accumulated all of its vast experience of hair care with herbal treatment. Vardhini hair Oil is one of its premium and exclusive products which nourish hair and maintains the strength of hair. This hair oil is a formulation of many herbs- Giloy, Babchi, Babuna, Priyangu, Neem, Bala, Harad, Baheda, Manjistha, Chandan Safed, Chameli Pushp, Gulab Pushp, Kamal Pushp, Til Oil, Coconut Oil. These herbs nourish hair and give hair a new life again. Many users who are known to the fact and benefits of these herbs demand the hair oil and get themselves benefited with it. Herbs like Giloy, Babchi, Babuna, Priyangu, Neem, Bala, Harad with many other herbs.