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Q. Hello friends, welcome to the program of The Hair Health Show, and today we will talk about Doctor Saheb, about all the hair, first of all, we would like to know what Split Hair means, and what are the reasons for this.
Answer- As the name clearly splits the hair, when the two hair divides into two layers, it is called Split Hair. The upper layer of hair which is above the layer is shrinking and the other that has 2 layers inside it. Mandola and Cotax are exposed to their Atmosphere, it is said to be Split.
Question: Sir, who is split hair can be both male and female
Answer: Most splits occur only when hair is long. Most of the hair is not split hair, when the hair is too long, it gets reduced to nourishment, because of the decrease in long hair layers exposes This is called Split Hair. In small hair i.e., the problem of hair in men is very low, men who have hair long, they are split hair.
Question: Sir, can prevent two mouth hair from repeatedly doing trimming?
Answer: Inside this question, look at the logic. I have told you earlier that split hair is due to the hair being long when you will be cut in 3 months or frankly, then the hair will get smaller then there are no split hair in the hair, The bar can be prevented from brewing and hair splitting
Question: Do split hair growth also make a difference?
Answer: It all happens when the hair gets split and the hair exposes and which is the atom’s sweater, all the pressure which damages the internal layer of our hair.
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