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Vardhini Hair Oil is a research based product formulated after extensive experiments and testing by the research team of VHCA Herbals. It contains extracts of various herbs selected based on their proven efficacy in various clinical research studies. It provides natural proteins to hairs and increases blood circulation to the scalp. Herbs present in the oil promote melanin (naturally occurring pigment which provides colour to hairs and skin) production from melanocytes (cells which produce melanin) and make hair silky and shiny. Vardhini Hair Oil is light and non-sticky herbal oil that gets absorbed via scalp and provides nourishment to deep-seated hair roots. It helps to detoxify various toxins, prevents premature greying of hair, and development of dandruff & lice. It also fights against various infectious agents. It promotes hair growth naturally and is useful in both diffuse and pattern hair loss. It also helps to get rid of stress and insomnia