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Question – What is a hair patch and how is it different from a wig?
Answer – Hair patch is a type of hair restoration and applied at the place where you have baldness, it enhances the beauty of the person at a low cost. For this, one should measure the area where the baldness is, according to the person Then the patch is prepared. Talking about hair patches, the wig that is applied is applied on the top of the head, but the patch i.e. hair patches are applied only on the part where the man is bald. This is a cheap idea, it only starts at 5000?
Q-How can hair patch be applied?
Answer – Hair patch can be applied in 2 ways,
1. This patch is permanent which is glued with glue and remains fine for about 1 month, after which our hair hairs are removed and pasted again, that is, serviced.
2 . This patch is made of clips that we can remove and apply everyday, it is very easy.
Q-How is the hair patch maintained?
Answer – It has to be shampooed daily, washed and dusted. Thus it goes on for years.