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Today’s youth group uses a variety of techniques to make their hair beautiful, such as slitting rebonding, this technique is so far right, every person wants to show themselves beautiful, so many times to show themselves beautiful It does a lot of damage in the affair, today we will talk about the products which are for grooming for hair today.
 If nature has given any hair to a person who is not satisfied with the hair that is straight, it is technic, all the experiments which have started to be used for 3 or 4 years or a few years are 100% chemical base, artificial protein is their hair. These techniques are used within the natural hair which causes great harm to the natural beauty, gradually separating the hair in the telogen space Go away and start falling out, I would like to say that as much as possible we should avoid these chemicals as much as possible, at least we should use them so that our hair can be safe.
Do these techniques have a very bad effect on the hair? As I have told you so far, these are all chemical bases as much as possible. We should avoid this type of chemical as far as possible. We should take different treatments and their Hair deteriorates.
 Is there any procedure that they can be repaired with medicines?
 Ayurvedic Medicines Some of the Ayurvedic medicines are such that we can bring back their lost beauty after taking them for a long time, from medicines to Ayurvedic medicines by improving their food and taking more and more mineral minerals. After that, they can be cured to a great extent with good food and food, we should improve our daily routine in our food. Take 8 hours of sleep with the protein much water to drink their lives with him thus can be used to solve problems |
# After some time, the hair of a person starts to turn white, it is very important to blacken the white hair. To what extent is it correct? Is it right to make it white?
Chemical is available in all the available markets in the market, and this dye causes lot of damage to the hair somewhere and if it can work without it, then I would like to tell you if you use henna etc. Can mehndi can be used, has just launched VHCA herbal mehndi can use it is 100% herbal. Car also does not have side effects Mehndi and Colors are used to color the hair. It is good to show the hair good. For hair we can use Mehndi. Very good herbal mehndi is a very good option. We can make our hair very good. Herbal mehndi can make your hair beautiful