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Welcome to the program once again, Friends, today we will talk about the problems of hair in men and their solutions to go. Welcome to Dr. Mukesh Ji, Doctor you are very welcome as you know that we should talk about the problems in men’s hair, first of all, I would like to know from you that today is showing that men have hair There are mums who are constantly growing, what is the reason for this, they have done so much damage on the modern lifestyle and first-person, as HTML has become full in songs for the rest of the body’s diseases for health, and due to the problems of hair, the day is increasing.

The biggest reason for hair growth in men is that we are unable to give time to ourselves, we are unable to take care of our food and hair because of these reasons Weak fast. The biggest problem comes from genetic baldness due to adultery reasons, then the hair starts waking up at a young age or becomes thinner. You become people. Also, the diffusers who were discussed in their previous episodes of hair loss in the middle. Alopecia areata dandruff green coffee, going to diffuser class from the middle, different types of infections men like to get, what is it called? Is causing hair loss. Airline gets from Vicky Donor. Back from the word tax. The back part of the hair is from the end of hair thinning. When there is a male hormone, it gets converted into dihydrotestosterone. The intervention of the enzyme is the name of that enzyme. Final practice like enzyme test works above 100, this is how the money stone starts and the commercial is quick. Hair starts thinning. What happens when you put it on the mail 90% of the time when there are diseases it can be cured through medicines but as far as genetic baldness or growing of male patterns is concerned. We can stop the medicines from moving ahead, which is the conversion of BST hormone if it blocks the action, then the hair stops falling further and the thinning stops where Are black or brother duo going to end mother does not work to take us to resort to transplant there is our country the hair problem is that problems with men’s hair understanding of hair you want to give them what advice