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Welcome to the program once again and today we will talk about the problem that is usually seen in people’s hair. In general conversation, we say dandruff or you are welcome. In our program Dr. would like to know you first. What happens is that after some interval, the epithylium expels the workers sites from the body, through which it takes place from both the sides and takes a look. In the form of laser for T, we are seen in the form of powder for voice and remember how it happens when it is in the amount of tomorrow or in the hair, then it is called dental, what causes it all different -Different may be the type of fear, there is an hour which, due to changing skin repeatedly, its epithelial cells come out, which side comes out which is formed due to another type. The space around the computer is spread below our work and also to the neighborhood, then it takes a very gigantic form as it gets colder as the weather changes. Sir comes, the season comes, it increases from the beginning, why is this the hair is reduced now, usually in winter people clean the hair less, the hair weeps less, due to which the dendruff times It starts coming inside the head more quickly, so what should we do to control the end of winter more than the workers and the children of the season are visible. The big reason is that people who have it are not quick to type You can change the nature that nature has given us, but you cannot change it by hands, use a lot of fiber, use a lot of water for seven days. The scheme with eight glasses of water or those who want a temple is required. Apart from the minutes, the restaurants contain protein vitamin C. Get good sleep, sleep for 7 to 8 hours. Practice staying stress free, we do a lot of things by doing dental work. Can control