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Having seen your favorite star on the silver screen with shining colorful hair it is tempting to have a look like them. It can be enthralling to see yourself admired and get the attention of your kith and kin but the craze of having golden, silver, purple, red, yellow or any color of your choice may lead you to some troubles that you might have never even expected.

The damage caused by hair color may not even come to notice at the earliest. It may take several days or even weeks to come before you. The damage to your hair or skin may be immediate if you don’t even test the color on your skin before its application. There are some of the harmful side effects of the hair color that we are going to bring into your best knowledge as prevention is better than cure.

5 Side Effects Of Hair Colour


Coloring gray hair or just using colors for enhancing the beauty of your hairstyle may be a risk pertaining to an allergic reaction. The most detrimental ingredients that hair colors contain are the ammonia and paraphenylenediamine. Most of the colors have either of these ingredients. The reaction of these ingredients may be itching, redness, and swelling of the scalp. These elements may also create swelling around your eyes and eyelids.

Rough hair:

Colouring hair is damaged hair roots. It also makes the hair rough that can uproot very easily. There is a major reason behind this that the chemical compositions of the hair color remove the natural oil and moisture from the hair and gradually hair becomes rough. Often it has been seen people complaining about side effects of the hair colors when they find that their hair starts shedding after some time.

Skin Irritation  :

Most of the colors are found having side effects on the skin. There are a number of people who have complained about the skin irritation or skin allergy. Therefore it is always advisable for the customers to take a patch test 48 hours before you apply hair color.

During the test, if some reaction is found, it is recommended not to apply hair color as it has shown some signs of side effects. If the reaction takes place after the application of color on your hair, it is better not to take any homemade remedy. A visit to the nearest doctor is advisable before it becomes severe.


PPT which is a major ingredient in the hair color and many doctors and medical scientists has proved that PPT can cause cancer. Many major cancer societies have researched and found that hair colors are cancerous in nature. There are some more researches are required for the more appropriate results.


Many people report some type of allergy on many occasions. Their skin gets red and rashes take place on the scalp. There are major changes that rashes occur due to the reaction due to hair colors. These rashes are the outcome of the side effects of the hair colors.

If you have been facing any side effects of hair color then please consult with a good hair expert.