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Laser Stimulation is a medical way of working with the reduction of hairs that contains the most advanced technological innovation invisible laser light treatments with a program of hairdressing items. The laser has been categorized as a Classification #3A laser, which means it is safe for visual use.

Laser program system hair therapy has been used throughout European countries, Italy, Israel and other countries for over several years to deal with the hair fall in both men and women. To acquire the most from this procedure; it is important that customers adhere to the recommended routine and treatments. Treatment time is of one year for customers whose purpose is to stop enhancing their hair fall and make the best environment in which hairs can re-grow. A fixed routine of treatments should be famous for optimum possible outcomes. For best outcomes, following the first 12 months of therapy, customers should continue to be involved in their hairs using organic and organic and material free laser hairdressing items.

Author: Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal