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Beautiful, healthy and long hair is the longing not only of women but also of men. People across the world search and use many household remedies, products, and treatments to get the desired growth of their hair. Although hair growth is a natural phenomenon, and genetic, local and diet factors there are many factors that can give your hair noticeable growth. Let’s know how to improve hair growth.

How to Improve Hair Growth?

We have chosen some of those herbs that have a longstanding effect on your hair.

False Daisy (Bhringraj):
False daisy is a herbal plant that is one of those plants that have many benefits for your health. This plant has been in practice of Ayurveda since ages its mention in the ancient scriptures suggests its use for a long period. When we talk about the benefits of False daisy for hair growth it the best herb to prevents hair fall, premature graying and strengthens the hair roots.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla):
Indian gooseberry is the richest herbal plant of Vitamin C and other nutrients. The fruit of this plant is commonly used in most of the medicines that are pertaining to increase hair length. This is also a fruit that can be used internally and externally. We can consume the Indian Gooseberry in many ways – liquid, solid and powder-based form. In contrast to it, we use it directly and indirectly to improve the growth of hair. Some of the many application areas follow- hair oil, juice and powder that we can apply on hair in the liquid state.

Coconut Oil Message:
Massaging hair with oil can surely increase hair length and coconut oil is neither expensive nor inaccessible. In fact, it is the most commonly used oil in homes. Talking about the nutritional values the coconut oil, it is rich with fatty acid that can help you not only to repair damaged hair but also to increase hair growth at earliest. Hair is made up of elements that require moisturizer and coconut oil is wholesome and rich in moisturizer. The oil maintains the moisture level in the scalp that increases the strength of the hair roots. Once the hair-roots are firm, hair growth is for sure.

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Author: Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal

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